This collection takes us on a journey to Faith’s hometown, Ijebu Ode located in the south west region of Nigeria and draws on his childhood experiences as a teenager exploring the town filled with rich culture and tradition. While the designer’s formative years in Ijebu Ode are a source of inspiration for the SS22 collection, Faith focuses on the Agemo festival popularly linked to the Ijebus. A celebration in honour of the spirit deity Agemo — a high god (Orisa) among the Ijebu people who is believed to be a protector of children and who safeguards their future through its blessing. As a deity and unseen god, it gives out instructions to the custodian (Oloja) and the Olugbon Ase to be carried out. The festival comes up every July and August (Osu Agemo) calendar year. Sacrifices and prayers are offered to the Agemo deity to ensure peace and harmony. Faith evokes the spirit of Agemo in his SS22 collection and reimagines a contemporary regalia in today’s world.

Creative Direction: Faith OLUWAJIMI
Photographer : Jimi AGBOOLA
Filmmaker : Chukwuka NWOBI
Art Consultancy: Oyinkan DADA
Models : Dami ONI
Badmus LAWAL
Makeup : Lauretta ORJI
Styling : Faith OLUWAJIMI & Abiodun HASSAN
Studio Assistant : Luqman AJANI
Soundtrack: IJEBU by Chief Ebenezer OBEY Shot & Filmed in Ijebu Ode, Nigeria